Welcome to The Gardians, your ultimate destination for celebrating the often-overlooked heroes of nature – our pollinators!

Allow us to introduce you to some of these fantastic creatures: meet Tui Tane, Monarch Maddie, Bumblebee Billie, Hoverfly Hemi, Silvereye Sadie, Honeybee Hone, Bellbird Bonnie, and Red Admiral Rangi.

But what exactly are pollinators, you ask? Well, they're nature's diligent delivery service, insects, or animals that ferry pollen from one plant to another. These unsung heroes of the ecosystem are responsible for pollinating a wide array of crops, ranging from seed crops like carrots, radishes, and onions, to the luscious fruits and vegetables we savour, such as kiwifruit, avocados, tomatoes, squash, and blueberries. Their work is nothing short of extraordinary, in the vibrant heart of New Zealand's agriculture.

These tiny critters are more important than you might think. A decline in their numbers can lead to significant problems, from food scarcity to community resilience challenges, and even disrupting the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Are you ready to join us on our mission?

  • Exciting Workshops: Dive into our engaging workshops tailored just for you.
  • Gardening Guides: Explore our gardening guides brimming with valuable tips.
  • Annual Planting Calendar: Need inspiration for your garden? Check out our annual planting calendar for fantastic ideas.
  • Let Nature Play: Dedicate a part of your garden to go wild, giving nature its own playground.
  • Lawn Break: Ease up on the lawnmower – your garden will thank you for it.
  • Pesticide-Free: Consider alternatives to pesticides, a kinder choice for our pollinator pals.
  • Nectar Feasts: During cooler months, attract nectar-loving birds like Tūī and Korimako by placing small bowls of sugar water in your garden.
  • Fruit-Feeding Fun: Hang fruit on your fence to create a delightful fruit-feeding station for our feathered friends.

Join us on a journey of discovery, where you'll learn more about these incredible creatures and how you can champion them and our precious environment. Together, we can make a world of difference!

Thank you to our friends at Apiculture NZ, Moths and Butterflies trust NZ and Pollinator Paths for providing support through the development of this campaign.