Kahukura Rangi

Red admiral Rangi

Get ready to meet the star of the show, our very own red admiral –or as we like to call it, Kahukura! This butterfly is like a Kiwi exclusive, found nowhere else on the planet.

But hold on to your gardening gloves because it seems like kahukura might be playing hard to get lately. We need to roll up our sleeves and plant some seeds to make sure this vibrant character doesn't vanish from our landscapes.

Now, let's talk about Kahukura's favourite snack spot – stinging nettle! It's like their go-to café, especially the tree nettle, Ongaonga, or U.ferox, although they'll happily settle for other nettles if their favourite isn't around (please note: plant nettles out of reach where only the butterflies can get to them).

But here's the twist in their culinary adventure – in addition to sipping nectar from flowers, these admirals also have a taste for the sap on tree trunks. Talk about a diverse diet!

Let's drop some Kahukura knowledge on you:

  • Kahukura used to be the cool kid on the block in New Zealand, but now it's looking a bit vulnerable. We need to give it a helping hand!
  • The name 'Kahukura' is like a fancy title that translates to 'red cape' – fitting for such a colorful character!
  • Besides savoring flower nectar, Kahukura occasionally goes for the unconventional treats like rotting fruit and sap from trees like totara.
  • So, here's to Kahukura, the butterfly with a dash of Kiwi flair and a taste for adventure – let's make sure they keep fluttering through our forests!

Plants to attract Kahukura:

  • Stinging nettle, Urtica spp.‍
  • Olearia spp.
  • Pachystegia spp.
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